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Discover the many different zipper types from closed end, open end, two-way open, two-way closed, bag style, accessories style, and much more. From top to bottom here are the different kinds: 1) Closed End (Non-Separating)- for pants, sleeves, pockets, wallets, bags, purses, pouches, skirts. pillows, accessories, jumpsuits and more... 2) Open End (Separating)- for jackets, skirts, coats, outerwear, dresses, and more... 3) 2-Way Open End (Separating)- for jackets, skirts, coats, outerwear, dresses, and more... 4) Zipper with Double Sliders at the Bottom (Non-Separating)- for dresses, accessories, design, bags, skirts, and more... 5) Zipper with Double Sliders in the Middle (Non-Separating)- for...

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What we sell: (Retail + Wholesale) Zippers Trims Webbing Buttons Buckles Lace Leather Notions Hooks Hardware Patches Appliques   Looking to place an order for production? FIRST: Check out our catelog for reference on available items: www.zipupzipper.com THEN: Email us your order at: info@zipupzipper.com (We'll get back to you right away on price, payment, and delivery time) For Samples: Come check out our store at: 828 Wall Street, LA 90014 Or check us out online! At: zipupzipper.net

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