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Finding The Right Slider For A Zipper

Finding The Right Slider For A Zipper

Being cautious when buying zipper sliders is a must, and here's why. Sliders come in different shapes and sizes for a very important reason. If you bought a slider to input it onto the zipper teeth individually, the incorrect shape will either not work on the zipper, or it will make it extremely difficult to pull the slider across the teeth.
The good news? As long as the zipper gauge size is known, it is easy to determine what type of slider is needed. Common sizes are 3MM, 4.5MM, 5MM, 6MM, 8MM, and 10MM.
The different kinds of sliders specialize in each category: Metal, Invisible, Coil, and Plastic.
Here's what you need to know-
Metal Sliders
Come in metal form. They range in colors from nickel to brass and more. The catch? You may find coil zippers with metal sliders on them. In order to differentiate the two, check the shape of the slider. Looking at this brass one here, the shape of it is in diamond form. For any metal zipper, the top and bottom of the teeth are symmetrical and shape outwards, as does the top and bottom of the slider, allowing for a smooth grip and glide.
Plastic Sliders
Identical to metal sliders, plastic have a much smoother form, with no sharp edges. The tops and bottoms of this slider are symmetrical as well. Most sliders come in the same color as the teeth and tape of the zipper unless requested otherwise during production. Plastic molded sliders are casted just the same as metal, however while plastic sliders can and will work fine on metal teeth, the same does not work the other way around.
Nylon Coil Sliders
The sliders for nylon coil zippers are considered to be asymmetrical. The top appears flatter than the bottom side. This is due to the fact that coil zippers do not have teeth on both sides like metal and plastic zippers do. Therefore, it has nothing to grip to, and so it remains flat. Metal and plastic sliders will not work on this type of zipper and vice versa, as it will not function properly.
Invisible Sliders
Almost identical to nylon coil sliders, the shape of this slider is the same from the back. The asymmetrical form shows the top of the slider being flatter than the bottom. Unlike coil zippers, invisible zippers have the teeth inverted, and therefore, the zipper works only on this type. The front image of an invisible slider shows the mechanics of it without a cover.
Got questions?
Feel free to ask us about zipper types, styles, sliders, and more. Please keep in mind, we do carry all types of sliders for sale in sample or wholesale sizes. Ask for pricing today! We'll respond within 24 hours.
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Lauren Healy - February 27, 2020

I need a 3mm slider for a black plastic molded zipper. I didn’t see one for sale here. Can I order one through this website?

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