Locking vs. Non Locking Sliders

Locking vs. Non Locking Sliders and how they apply.
Here is a breakdown of what to know before you purchase:
Locking Sliders-
  • Also known as Auto-Lock Sliders
  • Contains a small pin inside the slider
  • Placed between the teeth once the slider is placed on the chain
  • Will not move unless there is an applied force on the slider or teeth of the zipper
  • Best for: Pants, Jeans, Jackets, Garments, Sportswear, Outerwear, Dresses, Skirts, etc.
Non Locking Sliders-
  • Manufactured without a locking pin
  • Will unfasten with a slight pull on the slider or zipper teeth
  • Best for: Handbags, Purses, Luggage, Tents, etc.