The Best Type Of Zipper For The Outdoors

Almost all zippers work well on any item, but some work better than others. Here's a list of all zippers meant for the great outdoors.
-Waterproof Zippers-
Available in 3MM or 5MM, these zippers are used on any outdoor activity such as jackets, shoes, backpacks, camera bags, tents, covers, duvets, and much more! The teeth are hidden under the tape, which has a matte waxed finish. Available in ready made, or by roll. Ask us for pricing! Rolls can be bought full, or cut to any length needed. Wholesale available.
-Plastic Molded (vislon) Zippers-
This type of zipper is the most common for marine use. The teeth are made of plastic which are then molded onto the tape. Great for outdoor wear, sportswear, boating, camera bags, and much more. It's a durable weatherproof zipper. Should be used in either 5MM or 10MM. Available in a variety of lengths and on a continuous roll! Ask us for bulk pricing. Wholesale available.
-Coil Zippers-
Poly thread is sewn onto the tape of the zipper, making it flexible yet durable for outdoor activities. Strong, yet will go over the sides easily for cushion use. Will stand up to waves. Great for boats, covers, etc. 5MM or 10MM preferred for best results. UV protected. Available in a variety of lengths and on a continuous roll! Wholesale available.