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FAQ: Waterproof Zippers

FAQ: Waterproof Zippers

FAQ for Waterproof and Water Resistant Zippers
Length/Style options?
We offer these zippers on 7 inches closed, 25 inches open, or by yard (on a roll).
What are they used for?
Raincoats Marine Products
Jackets Military Applications
Backpacks Rain Apparel and Related
Pockets Outdoor Gear
Tarp/Tent Sportswear
What sizes do they come in?
Available in 3MM or 5MM
How to attach?
The easiest and most reliable way to attach this type of zipper is by sewing it on to any fabric, leather, trim, etc.
How can these be shortened?
To shorten, simply sew over the coil teeth where you would like it to stop. Can be done at the top or bottom of the zipper.
Then, cut off or fold the remaining unwanted tape.
Roll Options
Please message us for Full Roll or tape by yard. We offer zipper pulls as well.
*All zippers from a roll can only be made to closed bottom*
Got Questions?
Feel free to send us an email or give us a phone call
Phone: (213)489-2029
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