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LAMPO Italian Zippers

LAMPO Italian Zippers


Lampo came about in the 1940's with their unique teeth and pull on their infamous zippers. What do we know about their brand? This company is well known for luxury and quality all in one zip. Lampo targets high-end markets like Balmain, who features all garments with their zippers. 

Their high end zippers are not the only thing making them stand out in the zipper manufacturing world. Lampo zippers are also known for their unique zipper pulls. The sliders on the tapes of the zipper are not only heavy duty, but have a unique industrial look to go with any style. The back of the pull also features their well-known logo. Take a look below. 

Zip-Up Zippers is honored to carry and distribute such a prestigious brand. Our collection includes not only black tape zippers, but also fully cotton PFD, prepare for dye off-white tape. The quality of the tape makes it easy to grasp on to any color. Garment dye tape is a major plus for any fashion team making samples or manufacturing their garments. Take a look at the PFD tape below.

The unique styles Lampo offers make it an item of much demand. Zip-Up Zipper offers to customize to the length you need! Easy checkout and fast service will get you your zippers in no time. Have a deadline to meet? Request Express shipping at checkout to get your zippers to you ASAP!

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