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GLOSSY Zippers, High Quality & Design - Getting More for Your Money $$

GLOSSY Zippers, High Quality & Design - Getting More for Your Money $$


  • What type of zipper are they?

These are high-end, high shine, high quality zippers. Glossy zippers are known for their smooth teeth, so they are naturally designed for high-end garments. Fashion connoisseurs use this product for items in all ranges starting from bags, to jackets, to leather, and even as an accessory. 

  • Where do they fall in the quality range between riri, lampo, raccagni, and ykk?

Glossy zippers are for those with the industrial riri mindset but are on a near ykk budget. The finish on the teeth allow for an easy glide, all while staying sturdy for long-term use. Use these zippers for quality finishes, and take advantage of the low cost all at the same time! 

  • What are my TAPE color options?

Black, White, Navy, Red, Beige, Olive, Grey, and Royal Blue...(don't worry, we're working on adding more to the list!)

  • What are my TEETH color options?

Silver (Nickel), Gold (Brass), Gun Metal, Black, and Rose Gold

  • What are my TEETH SIZE options?

Teeth size range between 5MM (for light-weight pieces) and 8MM (for heavy-duty pieces. ex: leather)


  • What are my STYLE options?

Choose from- 1-way open (jackets), 2-way open, 1-way closed (pockets), 2-way closed (backpacks). Shown respectively in photos below. 

one-way open                          two-way open

                                                                             one-way closed                two-way closed


  • How can I order?

Place an order directly through our site! Click here to purchase. Filter through to find the exact zipper you need! Filters are adjusted on the left-hand side of the screen. Once selected, choose your desired teeth size and length (in inches) of the zipper you'd like. Don't forget to adjust the quantity! One zipper = 1 Quantity.

  • Still have questions?

Contact us! We are available by phone M-F 9:30am-5pm, and by email:

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