Discovering The Best Zipper Investment: Riri, Lampo, YKK, Glossy

Quality vs. Price...what's a better investment?

"A zipper does not necessarily make a garment, but it can break it"


  • Also known as the  "Rolls Royce of zippers" is known for its high quality and chic look.
  • These top of the line zippers are the highest brand on the market, and the prices will definitely reflect it.
  • Best to accessorize items such as luxury bags, leather jackets, jeans, or dresses.
  • Riri zippers glide smoothly, and are elegant in design.
  • Get them from a roll, or pre-made.
  • Comes in sizes 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
  • Price varies on tooth size and length.

  • The most common used zippers, mostly for its versatility and price, YKK is the #1 brand on the market.
  • Offered in metal, coil, and vislon.
  • Mostly found on jeans, bags, and other heavy-duty items.
  • Known for its reliability and dependability, this brand can be used on almost anything, and it won't break your budget! 
  • Great brand for quality and luxury zippers
  • Mostly known for their two-way zippers with reversible sliders.
  • Many company's use this brand for reversible garments!
  • Price and quality is similar to the riri brand zippers.

  • Glossy zippers are known as the off-brand riri due to their quality and smooth glide.
  • They come in a variety of styles from one way open/closed, to two-way!
  • Price is much lower than riri, and the pull is simple AND elegant!
  • Mostly found on luxury items, leather jackets, and bags.
  • Comes in teeth sizes 5mm, 8mm.
  • Price varies on tooth size and length
For wholesale orders on any brand, contact us.
Every brand is available for customization.
Prices drop per zipper on all wholesale orders