A Look Into the Next Best Zipper: The Glossy Zipper Edition

High Quality. Sturdy. European. High Shine.
More Info:
Retail Tape Color Options : White, Black, Navy, Beige, Red
Retail Teeth Color options: Nickel, Brass, Chrome, Rose Gold
Retail Available Lengths: 7 inches (closed), 28 inches (open, 1 way), 36 inches (open, 2-way)
Available Teeth Size: 5MM or 8MM
What are the Pros vs. Cons of Glossy Zippers?
  • Shiny teeth
  • Smooth glide
  • Great quality
  • Low price
  • No logo
For wholesale/production orders expect a 3-4 week delivery time, as they do come from over seas. Color, size, and length are all eligible for customization.
For custom retail/sample orders, email info@zipupzipper.com for lead times. Response time = <1 business day.